Gluten-Free Go-Tos (Roundup Style)

No one has ever told me this before, but when people hear "gluten-free," I imagine them thinking of some factory where all of the fun/ allure/ taste is squeezed from a person's previously favorite foods...  this, of course, is not the case.  Gluten-free foods, though some don't compare to conventional wheat-based foods, can be delicious--so delicious, in fact, that once you try them, you may not even notice.

My husband and I have been gluten-free well over a year now.  We decided to alter our diets to accommodate his gluten intolerance and the transition to a gluten-free diet was accomplished with (relative) ease.  After the first week, where Danny basically ate peanut butter with a spoon, we got the hang of it pretty quickly.

In case you are just starting your gluten-free journey or giving it a try to see if it helps your ailment (see this post for a list of conditions and how a gluten-free diet might help), you might also wonder what kinds of foods around which to base your new diet.

I know that you might already struggle with the "what's for dinner?" question, so choosing a more limited diet might not seem like a wise decision, but if you feel you may benefit from it, I recommend giving it a try.  Though I don't "need" it, I feel great and my husband feels much better than he used to daily.

As mentioned in "Going Gluten-free With Ease," many recipes can be easily converted to be gluten-free.  Below are a few things we eat regularly, including links to recipes, in case you'd like some ideas to give gluten-free a try.  Every recipe I've posted thus far on Making Mindfulness is a gluten-free recipe, so a great place to start is the list below or the "Mindful Eating" tab.  But, even if you have no interest in gluten-free, these recipes are still pretty great!


fruit and veggie smoothies (with superfood add-ins)

          Blueberry, Banana, Kale, Spinach Smoothies

          Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

gluten-free cereals

          Fruits & Veggies: Clean Fifteen/ Dirty Dozen

yogurt (if you're also dairy-free, maybe give the almond or coconut yogurt a try)

GF oatmeal

cream of rice (take a look at this delicious rice porridge recipe from Whole New Mom)


Lunch &/ or Dinner:

soups (If you're modifying a favorite recipe for a creamy soup, just use GF flour)

          Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup


          Five Ways to Get Veggies into Your Day Today


          celery or apples & pb

          carrot, celery, green pepper sticks


          Everyday Trail Mix


lettuce wrapped wraps

fresh juice

          Get Your Juice On: Beginner's Guide to Juicing

fish/ chicken/ meat/ beans

          Pan-Roasted Chickpeas

          GF Slow Cooker Greek Chicken & Pasta

          Black Bean Salad (beans AND veggies!)

rice/ potato/ sweet potato/ quinoa

          Cinnamon Almond Cranberry Quinoa  

          Cinnamon Sweet Potato Skins


          Mallorcian Sea Salt & Maple Syrup Carrots

          Oven-Roasted Red Cabbage

          Carrot, Apple, & Celery Salad

          Sautéed Green Beans, Mushrooms, & Almonds

          Easy Beet Salad


          GF Pizza with handmade dough

          Quicker Than a Quesadilla Pizza

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