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This year, with all of its changes, surprises, and progress has been a fantastic year!  I am happy and healthy, and though I made the decision to leave teaching a year and a half ago, I still think about the job, my old school, and my students often.  Being a return college student, yoga instructor, tutor, and blogger is something I would never have imagined for myself on New Year's Day of 2013.  Even still, this has been one of the most rewarding years of my life and I am thankful to be able to share the lessons and insights I've gained.

Making Mindfulness is just over 11 months old this week, but as today is the final day of 2014, I thought perhaps a recap of this beautiful year might be in order.  This post, therefore, is a review of the ten most visited posts from this year--with links!, plus two of my personal favorites.  Please feel free to reread, comment, or share away!

1. Compliments NOT About Appearance - a post including 27 ideas about how important it is to contemplate kind words about more than just someone's looks, inspired by a post on Tumblr.

2. Tell Me What's Right - a post about making a conscious effort to approach each day and interaction with positivity, instead of "dumping" your complaints onto others.

3. Fortune Favors the Bold - a post inspired by my love for Classical literature and a beautiful (translated) quote; something to contemplate for your 2015!

4. Two Hands Project - although vacations may be over for the next little while, the Two Hands Project is something you and your family can do right in your own neighborhood, teaching children and adults alike to honor the environment and contribute to a better world.

5. A Thankful November - a post about spending each morning for a month reflecting on everything I have and expressing gratitude for the abundance of my life to encourage myself and others to see the value in an attitude and practice of thanksgiving.

6. Rethinking Food Waste - a post highlighting various initiatives across the country and world to reduce food waste and some ideas to make an effort in your own home.

7. A New Type of Sculpture - a Mindful Monday post sharing the complexity and beauty of  the anamorphic (and incredibly mindful) sculptures of Jonty Hurwitz

8. Dream & Support & Do - a quick post (mostly just a quote by Amy Poehler) about the kinds of people we should surround ourselves with to be our happiest selves.

9. Jack Johnson "Inaudible Melodies" - a Mindful Monday post highlighting the mindfulness of Jack Johnson's lyrics, with links to the full song and video.

10. Don't Forget to Have a Good Time - a post to remind us all to stop and enjoy the moments of our lives--to practice mindfulness!

11. Congratulate Yourself - a post on the importance of recognizing and acknowledging your efforts and accomplishments, celebrating progress, and working towards your goals; be your own biggest fan!

12. What We Use Least - this may be my very favorite post, mainly because it fluctuates between so easy and so challenging for me; this post encourages us to use the meaningful/ special/ expensive things in our lives, because, after all, it's just stuff.

What was your favorite part of 2014?  What positive progress will you continue in 2015?

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