Congratulate Yourself

Take a moment to think about what you say to those around you when they're doing well.  How do you acknowledge the thought/ accomplishments/ efforts/ progress of your coworkers, family members, children, spouse, or friends?  Perhaps you demonstrate your feelings through everyday gestures, but at the very least, you use thoughtful, positive, and uplifting words (maybe like these compliments not about appearance).

Now think about the last time you've done that for yourself.  Can you remember the last time you worked hard to make a change and actually gave yourself credit?  Do you encourage/ uplift/ congratulate/ give thanks to yourself for your own accomplishments?  If you can definitively say "Yes," then congratulations!  And I know you know how good it feels.  If the answer is "No," it's about time you start.

Congratulating yourself on your progress isn't conceited or arrogant; it helps you express your self-love and allows you to acknowledge the hard work you've put into various aspects of your life.  This is something I try to remind my yoga students of while we end our sessions in relaxation (shavasana).  You may not have accomplished your goal yet, but expressing your gratitude for a positive attitude and a goal to achieve can actually make your attitude better and your goal closer. 

We've discussed a few ideas to promote self-love in your household in The Power of Words: Part I Self-Love; if you're interested, check it out.

So, think about it. 
Have you done your work especially well lately? 
Has your attitude been excellent? 
Have you made progress on a personal fitness or wellness goal? 
Have you kept your commitments and obligations when you've been able? 
Have you made progress on in a new hobby or developing a new skill?
Have you worked on saying "No," instead of spreading yourself too thin? 

Take a few minutes to reflect on how far you've come and how well you're doing.  You deserve to be congratulated.  Plus, if you feel better/ stronger/ more positive, think of how much better you'll be able to treat yourself each day, as well as everyone around you!

this is a picture from my first day of school this year
I am proud of myself for following my passion and pursuing Classics

What do you have to congratulate yourself about today?

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