A Thankful November

The last day of October, I decided I wanted to use the month of November to focus on gratitude.  Obviously, with Thanksgiving at the conclusion of the month, it's easy to do that day (or even week...?), but I was excited to challenge myself to reflect each day and share my thoughts.

It is the 14th and I've made it halfway through the month posting something I'm thankful for each day on my Making Mindfulness Facebook page.  Though I have been extremely busy, and unfortunately unable to update the blog like I would like, I think this is a great way to still put out positivity, while remaining sane.

The first few days, as you might imagine, were easy.  It was about five days in that the biggest aspects of life had already accounted for, that the self-imposed challenge became challenging.  It was also at that point that I knew I could truly find things for which to be grateful, because I actually had to think.

What makes my life better?  Easier?  More peaceful?  More fun?  More relaxing? 

And what challenges me to be more generous?  Kinder?  More positive?  More loving?

As the month progresses, my A Thankful November challenge does as well.  I am thankful I've had the opportunity to promote positivity, encourage others to reflect on their own gratitude, and that I've got so very much to be thankful for!  It's easy to remember to be thankful on days like Thanksgiving, but it's the other days--when it's raining, or you're sick, or you've experienced loss--where gratitude can really make a difference in the outcome of the remainder of your day.

As you approach Thanksgiving, take a few moments each day to find SOMETHING for which to be grateful.  You'll be thankful you did.

What do you have to be thankful for today?

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