Baby Steps Are Steps!

As I said in the first baby step post, this month, I want to highlight 31 ways to baby step your way into a more mindful and healthful life.  Some of the tips will be advice already stated or implied in previous posts, while some will be brand new.  This post provides the eighth and an explanation.  The idea is to start at the beginning and accumulate as many mindful and healthful habits as you'd like to sustain by the conclusion of the month.  It's similar to that icebreaker where you're in a circle of people and you need to repeat all of the members' names in order... it's a challenge, but you'll feel great at making progress and it'll help you see how far you've come from the 1st to the 31st!

Baby Step # 8
Baby Steps Are Steps

I've been using this phrase baby steps all week to talk about easing into a more mindful and healthful lifestyle.  Baby steps, for me, are the sometimes hesitant, but eventually solid small steps towards a goal.  Everyone, even babies, starts somewhere.  Each expert was once a beginner.  As it is with you; you can become as competent and confident as you choose.

You've heard it before, "even if you run slowly, you're lapping everyone on the couch."  I follow a number of fitness-related Facebook pages and today seems to be the day to ramp up reminders of sticking to your health goals.  I've seen a variety of posts like the following:

This one, created by Fitspoholic:
This one, by someecards:

And this, shared by Just Live Healthy, Mind, Body, and Soul (created by unknown):

This Facebook page constantly provides excellent reminders, gentle nudges, and inspirational words to help its followers feel good and work towards their goals.  If this is something you need in your life, particularly if you're trying to surround yourself with positive affirmations, you might want to check it out.

Today's post is a reminder that ANY progress towards your goal is progress.  It doesn't take much, but life-long success and health is built through daily choices and over a lifetime.  If you start moving in the direction of your goal, you're moving away from what you no longer want for yourself.  So, no matter the specific type of goal you have--physical, mental, spiritual--you can start making steps before you go to sleep tonight.

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And remember this tip from