How to Improve Your Diet Without Dieting

You and I already know, "You are what you eat."  This common, often infuriating, but important idiom is sometimes, however, taken for granted.  Obviously, the saying does not mean you literally become what you consume, rather in a more general, metaphorical sense, everything you take in (food, drinks, television, gossip, exercise, sleep, sights, smells...) shapes you--so, at the risk of sounding too vulgar, as I've seen on Pinterest--"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake." 
Today, I wanted to help remind you that you don't have to diet to feel and look your best.  You can.  If you want to.  But, you can improve your diet without actually dieting.

Here are four ways to start feeling great today!

1. Plan ahead.  If you plan ahead, you'll be less likely to get desperate and eat foods you don't truly want to eat.  Pack yourself healthy meals and multiple snacks.  The more you prepare on the front end, the better off you'll be if you stay late, have an unexpected errand, or some sort of emergency.  Try this Easy Homemade Peanut Butter Granola recipe or this Everyday Trail Mix recipe; they're filling, convenient, and ready when you need them.

2. Aim for whole foods.  Instead of eating a diet full of food-like products, if you aim to incorporate whole foods into your diet slowly, you'll get used to the tastes, preparation requirements, and the way they make you feel.  Over time, you can transition to a majority of your foods being whole foods, without all of the feelings of deprivation and withdrawal.

3. Drink water.  Including several glasses of water in your daily life will help most of your internal systems, improve your complexion, help you feel less tired and less hungry, and will help to flush out toxins.  Healthy, low calorie beverages, like naturally flavored water, hot or iced tea, and juice/ water combos can also help you feel great.  See this post for some delicious ways to make water more delicious!

4. Stop stressing.  Unchecked stress can lead to poor food choices, obliteration of portion control, and a cycle of bad self-esteem.  This means letting go and dealing with the stress of your job, family, friends, life, and your fitness goals in a healthy way.  Stop stressing over counting calories and start taking care of yourself in a way that reflects your self-love and self-worth.  (And take a look at this post to change your ideas about stress entirely.)

I know that changing your diet can be [extremely] challenging.  The point of this post is to help you see that you can start small and make changes slowly and gradually. 

I recently saw the following quote; I wanted to include it today, in case it can help you make your food choices a priority.  Remember:

"Take care of your body.  It's the only place you have to live."  Robin Rohn

Give it a try. 

You'll feel better. 

PS: You're worth it.

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