A Book's Dedication

Last year at this time, I was helping my mom recover from surgery and falling in love with yoga, having already been accepted into school and planning to leave my career.

Now, I am in my last week of University: Round 2.

Wow!  This year flew by!  I plan to write about this year and school at the conclusion of this week, but I am in finals and almost finished with a whole year of this degree.  Seriously, wow.

Because I am writing a paper (In case you're interested, it's on Plautus' Amphitruo--examined using a reconstruction of Aristotle's lost theory of comedy), I have been reading a number of excellent, but specialized books to use on the subject.

So, when I was in the library yesterday, I was delighted to find the following dedication in the first few pages of one book:*

For those who restored
to the Villa of the Papyri
the light of the sun,
and for all
who shall complete
what they began

Initially, when I saw this, I took it as everyone who completes the tasks s/he has begun.  More realistically, it likely means those people who will continue on with the work listed above (namely restoring the light of the sun to the Villa of the Papyri...), but I think my version is much more beautifully and mindfully universal.

If we look at it in that way,  isn't it wonderful to get encouragement from a complete stranger to complete what you've begun--to set and attain goals--to grow and flourish?  And with no expectations from that person other than that you do whatever it is that you've started... pretty fantastic.

Although I know I'm writing two "English teacher" posts in a row, I thought this one was worth sharing.  It seems pretty apropos; with my first year of school coming to a close, I am on my way to finishing what I've started. 

Today, I wanted to remind you that whatever it is you've begun, you should relish in the fact that you've set goals for yourself, dedicated yourself, begun pursuing your dreams, and started/ continued to create contentment in your life.  You're making the time for the success you want and you deserve.  And whether through the encouragement of Richard Janko, me, yourself, or anyone else, you are capable of completing those goals. 

Just like sunny days and outside help, encouragement, in my book, is always a welcome sentiment.

*The book is Janko, Richard. Philodemus On Poems Books 3-4 with the fragments of Aristotle On Poets. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.

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