When Chipotle Knows Your Order...

As you may have noticed, I took a little bit of time off from writing here over the last few weeks.  Thank you for your patience with this decision.  As it turns out, March truly was madness for me.

My husband had two week long breaks--both of which commenced with snowstorms.  We've had visiting family--always a pleasure, but a change up of the routine.  We also worked on some large home projects, which weren't in and of themselves stressful, but did take the kitchen out of commission for a little while.  (All that time, I still had my own homework and tests, I presented at my first professional conference, just about finished my yoga program, and had work and other life things to juggle.  Read more about my whirlwind first year journey here.)

For the last year and a half, we've worked hard to limit eating out and make better food choices.  We've been able to save money and generally eat healthier than we would potentially out each night.  As a result of the madness, however, we ended up relying heavily on our delicious, gluten-free-friendly, and close go-to: Chipotle Mexican Grill.   You may be hesitant to eat there, thinking they are owned by McDonald's, but according to their website, their relationship with McDonald's as an investor ended in 2006.  In case you haven't been, we get the burrito bowls or salad bowls; they are gluten-free, have awesome vegetarian options, and are super filling.  (Side of guac and chips, you're all set!)  This is not specifically a plug for Chipotle, but we obviously enjoy it. 

Last night, despite the fact that the home project was complete, we had another busy evening.  If March madness hadn't occurred, it would have been an ideal night to grab something out without hesitation.  But March madness had occurred.  And even though we've been in there more than I'd care to admit (to myself or you!), Chipotle is exactly what we decided to get.

Danny picked it up and I laughed out loud when he told me that the workers at our local Chipotle not only knew our orders, they knew which was which.  See below.

This made me laugh, because it shows just how much we've been (a) going there, obviously and (b) going through.  This also reminded me to give myself a break once in a while.  When you're trying to stay on a budget/ eat healthy/ be serious about what you consume, it can sometimes get too serious.  It can sometimes feel overwhelming.  It is ok not only to take a breath, but to laugh.  Even laugh at yourself.  No one is perfect. 

We will not enjoy Chipotle tonight, this week, or hopefully again in April (so sick of it!), but eating out doesn't make me bad person--just like eating at home doesn't specifically make me a good person.  It was humbling to see the "his" and "hers" written on the bowls, because it helped me to remember that sometimes I need a little help--sometimes we all need a little help.  Sometimes it is help to get where we're going, but sometimes, we may even need help to stay where we are.  It was a great reminder to be mindful of what I can handle at this or any given moment and be thankful for helping hands.

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