Your Yoga: Get Started & Stick to It

This weekend is the International Day of Yoga--Sunday, the summer solstice is, to be exact.  Hooray! 

Dr. Jane Fowler Morse, at SUNY Geneseo, is just awesome

This means that if you've been curious about yoga for a while, but still haven't tried it, you should give it a shot.  And if you're a student of yoga, you should make time to practice Sunday.  For all kinds of inspiration, pictures, videos, and facts, check out the website

The International Day of Yoga website states that during his address to UN General Assembly on September 27, 2014 Hon’ble Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi stated: "Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition . It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. "

Therefore, suggesting the International Day of Yoga be on the summer solstice is no coincidence.  As Modi notes, it is "the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and has special significance in many parts of the world."

Are you ready to give it a try yourself or change the way you practice in order to become more disciplined?  Check out these resources to make a change today.


Some yogis are joining in and offering free yoga help for newcomers.  For example, Gaiam is offering a free trial of their Yoga Studio App from June 19-21.  A friend recommended it, so I know it's going to be good!  This is an excellent opportunity to see what all of the fuss is about and get used to the fundamental poses and elements of yoga.  It allows you to build a "class" for yourself by connecting poses and producing a video to follow.  Some fluid movements and sequences are pre-built, like sun salutation, so you can simply add those in, if you choose.

Also, some of my fellow #SweatPink Ambassadors over at Fit Approach have suggested the following websites and apps for getting your daily/ weekly/ whenever yoga fix.  You may have heard of some of these before, but take a look:

YogaGlo is a subscription service offering thousands of online classes, in a variety of styles, taught by professionals.  If this sounds like something you'd like, consider signing up for their free fifteen day trial.

DoYouYoga is a fun, hip, and colorful website with anything you could ever want to know about targeting the yoga that speaks to you.  It features specific poses for specific issues, such as chronic back pain or yoga poses for men with tight hips, as well as a ton of yoga video series and yoga blogs.  Take a look and maybe become a member of this yoga community.

Yoga Trail hooks you up to live yoga in your area, whether you want to try something new or you're away from home, you can find classes nearby.  You can search by time, level, city, name, and even by style!  The site also provides the details on yoga retreats.

Reflexion Yoga is an online yoga subscription consisting of a variety of power yoga classes, taught one-on-one (well, one-on-two, as the instructor walks you through and a student demonstrates on the video).  I was lucky enough to find this resource through post by The Bex Factor.  If you're interested in trying RY, and you like the idea of Power Yoga, check out the website and consider signing up for the free seven day trial.

If you're really a beginner and even practicing with a yoga website sounds daunting, check out a few of my posts regarding the absolute fundamentals of yoga:


Yoga Fundamentals: Breathing Exercise is the most basic yoga "move" you can start to master.  The breath is essential to become your most healthy self, to understand the true benefits of yoga, and to build in other yoga poses.

Yoga Fundamentals: Legs Up the Wall is a great way to relax and unwind after a tough day or before you go to sleep.  If you've ever rested in this inversion, you know how great yoga is already!

Three Yoga Moves to Ease Shoulder Tension is perfect for someone looking to ease into yoga, while getting a huge physical benefits right away--who doesn't need to release a little shoulder tension?!

What to Know & Do When You're New to Yoga  is a great place to start if you want to head in for a real, live yoga class.  What to wear, when to arrive, and what to know. 

Or maybe try my one hour, slow (holding) hatha yoga class:


I provide all of this, not to overwhelm, but to encourage you to make a little time for yoga this weekend.  International Day of Yoga is an excellent opportunity to discover the fun, joy, relaxation, and tremendous benefits (mind, body, and spirit) of yoga.

(*which means "bowing to you" and sometimes conveys "the light in me salutes the light in you")

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