Sneak Fitness into Your Morning Routine

As I said in the first baby step post, this month, I want to highlight 31 ways to baby step your way into a more mindful and healthful life.  Some of the tips will be advice already stated or implied in previous posts, while some will be brand new.  This post provides the fourteenth and an explanation.  The idea is to start at the beginning and accumulate as many mindful and healthful habits as you'd like to sustain by the conclusion of the month.  It's similar to that icebreaker where you're in a circle of people and you need to repeat all of the members' names in order... it's a challenge, but you'll feel great at making progress and it'll help you see how far you've come from the 1st to the 31st!

Baby Step #14
Sneak Fitness into Your Morning Routine
Here are a few ideas for sneaking fitness into your daily life.  Because life can get hectic, I like to workout and get fitness in during the morning to be sure it happens each day.  These are a few things I do (or have done) during my morning routine each day.  They can help you to build strength, balance, fitness, and confidence.  The best part of all is they are all things you can do in the privacy of your own home.

1. Calf raises in the shower.
If you're not mindfully reflecting on the sensation of the water on your skin, the sounds of the water hitting the shower floor, and following your breath, you can use your shower time to get a little fitter.  While shampooing, loofah-ing, or rinsing, you can slowly lift up through your calves and heels before slowly lowering down.  It doesn't matter how many you do, because any amount is more than if you didn't do any!  You also don't have to worry about people seeing you calf raising in the grocery line or while you walk.  Set a small goal for yourself and inch up from there.  Baby steps are steps!

2. After your shower, work to balance on one foot while you dry off.
Balance is essential to aging with grace and strength.  You need it to walk without assistance, to get up from chairs and out of bed, and to move around in daily life.  Though this may sound like a weird one, it's a great way to baby step into building strength and balance outside of a fitness routine.  Instead of resting your foot on the tub's edge, if you feel comfortable and confident, try to work your way up to balancing while you dry off. You can also do this while you put your pants, socks, or pantyhose on each morning.

3. March in place as you brush your teeth.
Sneaking extra movement into your day is exactly how people begin to change their lives.  The more active you are, the better, so why not get active while you are engaged in a normally hands-only activity?! 

4. Squat while you dry your hair.
I know I chopped all of my hair off, so I am a little out of the loop in terms of hair drying as of late, but I used to flip my hair and head down towards the floor to dry from underneath.  If you also do this, here are a few options:  if you normally sit while you dry your hair, stand.  If you normally stand, work to stand in a squat position to engage your leg muscles while you dry your hair. 

These are just a few ways to efficiently and effectively sneak a little fitness into your morning routine.

Do you have any favorite ways to sneak fitness into your daily life?  If so, please share them below or on our Facebook page!

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