Get ready!  This is mindfulness digitized.  Live and on the internet! 

Does your computer or device often look like this?  With a vast array of tabs floating across the top?  As this is my norm, I was especially intrigued by today's topic: Tabless Thursday.  Best life.

my Wednesday evening tab situation

Tabless Thursday is the idea that we can designate a day of the week where we only operate with one tab open at a time.  Take a look.  [Note: The video is about four minutes long.]

Video Source: YouTube (originally viewed on Upworthy)

No endless tabs across the top of your desktop (see photo of my meal planning above).  No flipping from Facebook to Google to the news to celebrity news to your favorite blog to Amazon.  None of that.  This initiative encourages commitment to one tab at a time.

And, as James Hamblin of The Atlantic aptly articulates, the tabs--you guessed it--are a metaphor for life!  Multi-tasking and/ or jumping from one task to another decreases productivity and generally affects people negatively. 

The solution: Make mindfulness happen.

In your real life, like with Unitasking, and in your online life, starting today, with Tabless Thursday.

So, give it a try, and maybe, if you commit, at some point, to your one tab being Facebook or Twitter, spread the word about #TablessThursday.

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