Unitasking--You Might Like It!

Unitasking.  Ok, so the name sounds a little weird... somewhat opposite of multitasking, unitasking is focusing your energy on one thing at a time.  Although multitasking is a coveted skill, it isn't great, particularly on a regular basis.  Moving towards unitasking will make you more aware and more present--more mindful.  In an attempt to make mindfulness happen in your own lives, here are some suggestions for putting this into practice. 

Unitasking to Try:

- brush your teeth with the opposite hand
notice, without judging, what this feels like

- walk with purpose and presence
experience your legs, feet, the sound of the pavement, the feel of the air

- eat/chew/sip/taste/smell your food and drinks
notice the texture, flavor in each bite or each sip--resist eating while you do something else

- sit down
experience your body and how it feels in the chair (what parts touch the chair, what parts don't?), your posture, your breathing

The point is to do one thing at a time and experience it fully.  Allow the present action have all of your attention.  If you find that other thoughts and feelings arise, let them pass and return your attention to the task at hand.  It make take several attempts, with several "do-overs," but with practice, it will get easier and your mind will calm. 

If you try any of these, or another other unitasking activities, please share in the comments.

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