Pick Something

Today, to make mindfulness happen in your life, you need to pick something

Choose something on which to focus your (positive) energy and your attention. 

Have you found it? 

It may be your daily walk, your posture while sitting, the way you answer the phone, these waves, each bite of your lunch, the smell of a flower, your breath, the sounds that fill your work or home, the time you spend with your children (or pets), or the silence of your drive home. 

What it is matters less than actually picking it.

From here, pay attention to your particular something: on purpose, nonjudgmentally, in the present moment.  Experience your something fully.  Notice everything you are humanly able to take in about that time. 

How does it sound? 
How does it (all of this) make you feel? 

Have you been able to let go of everything else?
The to-do list?
The dinner menu?

Do you notice yourself actually IN the moment?

Don't feel bad if you haven't done this in a while--or ever.  This is a nonjudgmental experience--meaning you allow yourself to notice and observe, without any guilt/ fear/ urgency/ regret attached.  Work, instead, to carpe diem.  If you lose track of the moment and find yourself contemplating something else, don't get upset, you haven't failed, just let it go and without judgment return to your chosen something.

To ease some anxiety, especially if you are new to mindfulness, maybe set yourself a timer so you know when you must move on to something else.  Practicing mindfulness may not come entirely naturally, but once you get used to thinking/ feeling/ experiencing the world like this, you may just enjoy it.

What can you pick to take note of today?

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