My brother is the master of [stupid] clean jokes.  No matter how many times I've heard them, they always make me laugh.  Maybe it's because when telling each joke, he consistently acts like it's the first time he's told it... or maybe it's because silly doesn't really go out of style...

The following joke is a family favorite, for obvious reasons:
"What did one wave say to the other?"
"Nothing, it just waved."

Irvington, Virginia

Today, in order to make a little mindfulness, I thought I'd give you/ us a little assignment.  Instead of telling everyone that joke, which I guess you could also do, I thought perhaps we should give ourselves something to concentrate on in order to take a few moments alone--to be mindful of the sounds and to let go of everything else.

Click on one of the links below and give yourself the length of the audio file to concentrate on the sounds and allow everything else to float away.  Do your best to forget your to-do list, your dinner menu, your upcoming meeting, your weekend plans.  Just breathe and listen.

waves on a sandy urban beach with birds via sound snap (0:56)

beach bondi2 via sound snap (1:31)

waves crash behind rocks 2 via sound snap (1:22)

or find your own wave sounds here with sound snap

For an added challenge, take notice of your posture while you listen.

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