Junk Food Hangover Relief

It's here.  The big game.  You may watch for the commercials, you may like football, you may even support one of tonight's teams.  Regardless of why you watch, you will be faced with many tempting, and often unhealthy, food and drink options.  For me, due to my lack of caffeine tolerance, Monsters and Pepsis are always a fun indulgence, at the time, but my body always feels it the following day.

Depriving yourself of everything your friends and family have worked to prepare might not be (and shouldn't necessarily be) an option.  The key is to be selective about what you consume.  If you have it once a year, it's probably not too bad to go for it.  If you know it's bound to make you feel terrible, you might opt out.  If you find yourself with limited willpower this evening, however, here are a few tips for relieving your junk food hangover the next day.

- Stay hydrated--this will help flush toxins out of your system
        - drink water
        - drink sassy water: water, cucumber slices, fresh ginger, lemon juice/ slices, and mint
        - or check here for other delicious flavored water ideas and recipes
        - drink fresh juice (see this post for a beginner's guide)
        - drink Gatorade or coconut water to replenish electrolytes

- Eat/ Drink something fresh and light
        - eat vegetable-based soup (no creamy soups)
        - eat a fresh, crunchy salad--provides hydration and fiber to remove junk food from your system
(try: Carrot, Apple, & Celery Salad or check out Five Ways to Get Fruits & Veggies into Your Family's Day Today)
        - start your day with a green smoothie

- Get some sleep--if you can't stay home from work Monday, catch up as soon as you can!
        - drink some tea before bed
        - turn on a fan or noise maker for a night of sound sleep
        - check out this snag some shut eye post

These are simple suggestions, but sometimes, amidst a junk food hangover (or any hangover, for that matter), you might not remember what a big difference they can make! 

Enjoy the game and be safe getting home!

I apologize for exploiting my family and their cute faces, but cheers!
Did you watch the big game?!

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