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It's been nearly a year since the Super Bowl and the world-wide introduction of the #LikeAGirl commercial.  Do you remember it?  If you need a reminder, take a look here:

the Always #LikeAGirl commercial

The first time I saw it was online, via Upworthy, and it made me cry!  I was so excited to see how powerful and confident young ladies are naturally.  Though the transition through adolescence can be hard, it's wonderful to know that it is possible to foster these as lifelong characteristics.

Helping girls see their power and strength is essential to building a more equal, more just society.  It will not only help them individually, it will help our whole world to heal by allowing girls to sense and experience their own contributions to our planet.

In addition to the commercial, another empowering and positive role model for girls is a young lady named Mo'ne Davis.  This inspiring young person was crowned the Sports Illustrated Sports Kid of the Year last year and has been inspiring people, young and old, with her confidence, skills, and grace.

Image Source: ABC13

If you're interested in checking her out, see this interview with CNN from August 2014 or this article regarding why her pitching and involvement in baseball matters.

Or take a look at this TODAY news piece on her:

Understanding that she is a role model for young girls, Davis suggests, "do what you love."

Similarly, in recent years, women have been redefining what it means to be feminine, demonstrating that strength is a characteristic reserved not just for men, but a characteristic intertwined with beauty and femininity.  Take a look at the following video clips for more beautiful, strong, and influential women:

Don't be afraid to be strong--The Oseberg (The Queens of Iceland)

Image Source: Crossfit

One of the Oseberg, Annie Thorisdottir

Image Source: Telegraph

Fly It Forward, Women Pilots Introduce Girls to Aviation

Image Source: Women You Should Know

Emma Watson at the United Nations, "HeForShe" Speech, UN Women 2014

Overall, I am excited to be part of showing these young ladies, and everyone around them, what they are able to achieve when they embrace all of their strengths and abilities.  Though "like a girl" used to be an insult, girls are starting to demonstrate that the idea of femininity is evolving and it now definitively includes strength, achievement, equality, self-acceptance, and self-love.

In my opinion, we must all show the girls in our lives that they can be happy just being them, doing what brings them joy, saying what their heart knows to be true.  They can do ANYTHING like a girl!  And, as Steve Maraboli says, "there is nothing more beautiful."

Image Source: Pinterest

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