Move Your Body: #BringingYogaBack Challenge Recap

As I said in the first baby step post, this month (or two), I want to highlight 31 ways to baby step your way into a more mindful and healthful life.  Some of the tips will be advice already stated or implied in previous posts, while some will be brand new.  This post provides the nineteenth and an explanation.  The idea is to start at the beginning and accumulate as many mindful and healthful habits as you'd like to sustain by the conclusion of the month.  It's similar to that icebreaker where you're in a circle of people and you need to repeat all of the members' names in order... it's a challenge, but you'll feel great at making progress and it'll help you see how far you've come from the 1st to the 31st!

If you follow Making Mindfulness on Facebook or Twitter, you've likely seen the photos from the #BringingYogaBack Challenge.  It has been fun and interesting way to make sure I practice yoga everyday.  We've also made it a family affair; my husband took pictures and, on the first day, my dogs did a great job of helping me warm my mat up.

Olive is on the left and Chloe is sitting in her favorite (Thundershirt-like) shirt

As you may know, each day participants execute a pose described in detail by PrAna--with an example picture (of a really jacked and beautiful man doing it).  Here's the link to the original call for participants.  Also, if the mood strikes, PrAna suggested taking the poses in sequence after you've mastered one and moved onto another.  For me, moving from pose to pose made it a little more fun than simply doing one static pose.

Here is my favorite from the 12 Day #BringingYogaBack Challenge:

this pose, Anjeneya Shoulder and Heart Opener, opens your chest and heart
it makes me feel strong and beautiful

Baby Step # 19
Move Your Body

Any way you choose to move your body, preferably more/ differently than yesterday, is a great day of progress and positivity.  Participating in something like this challenge is a great way to gradually build strength and endurance, without committing to a gym, spending hours exercising, or feeling too overwhelmed.  Even the 30 second plank challenge (video below), if you did that once a day for a few weeks, would significantly strengthen your core, as well as give you the assurance that you are capable of working out.

If you're interested, take a look here and do it along with me!

Today, I just wanted to encourage you to move your body.  It doesn't have to be with yoga, with running, or with a "workout," but do something for your body to keep it strong and healthy.  The more you move, the healthier and happier you'll be.  Remember to take baby steps into fitness--there's no need to jump into the deep end, but any progress is progress!

How will you move today?

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