The Joy of a Parade

Last weekend, Danny and I attended Richmond's Annual Christmas Parade. 

We knew people participating in the event, carrying large, Macy-sized balloons, so we made sure to arrive with plenty of time to walk around and find a perfect spot.

I hadn't been to a parade since before I moved to Richmond eight years ago; I had completely forgotten just how beautiful, energizing, and joyous they can be.  It helped that although it was in the upper 40s/ lower 50s that day, there was a slight mist coming down, so there weren't enormous crowds to contend with.  Despite the precipitation, every single person we encountered was positive, excited, and happy.  It was heart-fillingly marvelous!

We purposefully parked at the end(ish) of the parade in order to be sure we saw all of the festivities, so it was fun to see the families lining up and getting comfortable.  Because the street was blocked off from traffic, kids ran around, got goofy, and (safely!) played in the street.

When the police motorcycles came through, indicating the beginning of the participants (see the first picture above), you could feel the excitement building in the spectators.  Just like any parade, this parade featured marching bands, dancing and military groups (even dancing zombies!), balloons, floats, movie characters (like OLAF), and community organizations. 

Even though I am unable to impart just how awesome we felt while being in attendance and how the feeling lasted all day afterwards, I thought it might be a nice reminder to find similar activities for your family this season. 

Maybe this picture can help express how jazzed we were to be present for this Christmas parade.  Danny heard the boy in the bottom right of the picture shout, "I'M IN A PARADE!" right before I snapped this shot and he went on to giving a slew of high fives to spectators.  It was perfect!

With a good attitude, you and your family can contribute to a beautiful day for your whole town! 

What special holiday events and activities do you have planned for this season?