{Super Simple} Turmeric and Lemon Tea

Way back in the beginning of fall, Danny and I began experimenting with incorporating new, healthy foods and disease-fighting spices into our daily lives.  We already take a number of vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements each day, but we were ready to try something new. 

We had both heard about the many incredible health benefits of turmeric, like that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory; contains antioxidants that prevent Alzheimer's disease and a variety of cancers; provides relief for issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel disease, and cystic fibrosis; assists with liver function; and lowers cholesterol.  After all of those amazing benefits, we knew we had to try it!

The first recipe I found interesting was a simple one by Sisley at The Pure Life Blog (check it out, you won't regret it!). 

On her Facebook page, she posted this picture and this easy recipe:

Photo Source: The Pure Life Blog

1/3 cup honey...

2 tsp ground turmeric
1/3 cup lemon juice

In a bowl, mix the honey and turmeric until it forms a paste.
Stir in the lemon juice.
Boil approx 1L or 1 large pot of water, add the paste and stir well.
Let sit to cool for 20 minutes.
Serve over ice immediately or stick in a mason jar in the fridge.
Serve with fresh fruit as a garnish or add more lemon juice to make a lemonade.
We tried it and Danny fell in love immediately.  I, however, wasn't entirely convinced I'd be a turmeric tea drinker; the strong (almost burn) taste of the turmeric surprised me, but I decided to give it the week.  Soon enough, I looked forward to the refreshing taste that came with all of those health benefits.
Here's how we initially modified the above recipe: We made our tea in a half gallon glass jug.  Instead of honey (because we were almost out and we need it for our morning smoothies), we tried just 1-2 TB of maple syrup  It was delicious.  We also changed the turmeric amount to 1- 1 1/2 TB and the lemon to the juice of one lemon.  We combined the lemon juice, syrup, and turmeric before adding a little hot water and filling the remaining jug with cold water.
After drinking this for a few weeks, we modified it again.  The sweet taste of the syrup (or honey) was brilliant to get taste buds accustomed to the taste of the turmeric, but soon it felt too sweet.  We contemplated this and now have the simplest recipe ever.
{Super Simple} Turmeric and Lemon Tea:
What you need:
a large jug with a lid (ours is a half gallon glass jug)
a large spoon
knife, cutting board
a TB measuring spoon
(optional: a strainer)
two lemons
1-2 TB turmeric powder
Cut and juice two lemons.
Strain seeds out before adding to the jug. 
Add 1-2 TB turmeric powder to lemon juice. 
Fill jug with water (any temperature, but cold if you want to drink it right away).
Refrigerate and enjoy!
Just to warn you, like me, the strong taste might surprise you, but after trying it a few times, I think you will like it.  With the lemon, it is extremely delicious and refreshing.  It could be a perfect replacement for morning orange juice or a great after dinner drink.
If you make it, please let us know!  Post a picture on our Facebook page or comment below!
Have you ever tried a new food or drink solely for the health benefit?  What was it?

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