Be That Person

Today, my hope is to encourage you to be the person to make a difference in someone's life--either a stranger, a loved-one, or your own.  Here are a few ways to make that happen.  Start small and see how great life gets when you are positive.

Julie and Eddie celebrating at a family wedding
Buffalo, NY

Be the encourager.

the uplifter.

the cheerleader.

the advocate.

the applauder of victories--little or large.

the welcomer.

the believer.

the praiser.

the positive reminder.

the lead-by-good-exampler.

the person of positivity in the office/ on your team/ in your home.

the intent listener.

the understanding comforter.

the do-what-needs-to-be-done helper.

the patient teacher.

the willing student and avid learner.

the rememberer of dates/ times/ events/ occasions/ memories/ and people.

To some of you, this may seem too cliché or silly, but I sincerely feel the world already has its fill of negativity and criticism.  (If you make time today or this week to reflect--and drop the judgment--you just might agree.)  Much like the Compliments NOT About Physical Appearance post (also featuring a picture of me and my brother), this one is meant to get you thinking differently today.  If you take on even one of these roles today and help someone else, you can make both of your days/ lives better. 

If you can be a positive example and someone to help another person's day, what's stopping you?

What person will you be today?

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