Reflect & Remember: 9/11

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Today is a day of remembrance for many people across the nation and throughout the world.  Though it has been years since the attacks on the World Trade Center, it's important to reflect and remember each year to remind ourselves of the people lost that day and the love, sacrifice, and dedication of the people who worked to assist and serve others that day and each day since.

As you know, my husband is a firefighter and emergency medical service worker.  As such, he responds to calls ranging from stomach aches to full-blown fires.  Before I met Danny, however, I did not often (maybe ever) take time to think about just how much these people (firefighters, police officers, nurses, doctors, 911 operators and dispatch workers, military service people...) give and sacrifice to help others.  They work crazy schedules, often go with little or no sleep, and show up to help you, dealing continuously with other people's emergencies.  They see/ hear/ help you on your worst day, perhaps in your worst mood, and serve you with dedication, compassion, and care.

Today, remember 9/11 and reflect on how it has impacted your life and world view.  Remember those who lost their lives that morning and how their friends and families were affected by their sudden loss.  Reflect on how lucky we are to have thousands of people across the country who are willing to give up their time and energy, often sacrificing their own families and health, to help people they don't even know.  If you don't see an emergency worker today, work to sit with reflection and gratitude anyway.

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