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This morning, because it is beautiful out and because you might not have seen them, I just wanted to share a few articles I've seen recently regarding the practice of yoga.  If you have never tried it, but you're interested in learning more, check them out.

The first compares yoga in India to the yoga practiced (and sold) in America.  It's pretty interesting and a little frustrating.  (I think the picture at the top of the article is a brilliant juxtaposition of the two.)

Read Yoga in India vs. Yoga in America.

The second demonstrates the health benefits and growth men experience as a result of practicing yoga.  In the US, many people believe yoga is for women only--and pink-yoga-pant-wearing, flexible, thin women at that--but yoga did not begin in this way.  Men have practice yoga for centuries.  In terms of our household, although it wasn't immediately when I began my teacher training, Danny began practicing with me a few months ago and loves it.  He can actually tell when his body needs it now.  He's even gotten other men to come try it, too.  (And now they're hooked!)

Read Men: How to Crush Any Workout and Win More With Yoga.

As the second article articulates, if you're a man [or a woman] and you want to improve physically at the thing you love (running, playing music, crossfit, feeling good, cooking, gardening...), you should give yoga a try.  It's not necessarily the only workout you'll need, but it is the perfect complement to any workout and ideal enhancement of any lifestyle.

The last one is about a study regarding the positive effects of yoga on cognitive function in older adults.  The participants practiced hatha yoga three times a week for the length of the study, while the control group participated in stretching and toning classes thrice a week as well.  At the conclusion of eight weeks, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers determined that yoga aided in improved brain function necessary for completion of everyday tasks.

Read Hatha Yoga May Improve Brain Function in Older Adults.

The more you move, the better you'll feel and the longer you'll be able to move as you age.  Check out Get Up, Get Moving, & Get Mindful or any post under the Body & Mind tab for more ideas.

Have you ever tried yoga?  Would you try it?

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