The Quality of Your Thoughts

As you may know, I am back in school to study ancient Greek and Latin literature and languages (read about the first year of my school journey here).  Sometimes, when people hear this, their first reaction is, "What are you going to do with that?!"  People are far less likely to say this to me directly than they are to express this sentiment to my close friends and family, but they express it nonetheless.  Well, beyond the tremendous and lasting influence both Greece and Rome have left on modern (Western) architecture, government, and society in general, I love the sounds of the words, the ferocity of the history (though I don't necessarily admire it), and the beauty of the literature. 

Because it has been an interest of mine for years, I am comfortable having conversations like this one.  The knowledge I've gained this year alone has helped me grow and has inspired me to continue learning.

Though I have written about some Greco-Roman topics, including Carpe Diem philosophy, today I wanted to revisit the philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius.  This first post on yoga and breath includes a quote by the emperor  and demonstrates the wisdom he left behind, through his writings, and that his philosophy requires further examination.

Though yoga and Classics are in many ways about as far apart as two interests can be, I've been continually surprised at how many connections I've seen throughout this year.  The following quote is one such intersection of East and West.

Today, consider the quality of your thoughts. 

Are you working towards happiness with your thoughts and attitude? 

Is there any progress you can make today to set yourself up for future happiness?

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