Mindful Mondays: Corey Harris

Each Monday, I would like to share a reminder about the importance of being mindful.  These will come from literature, popular culture, music--anywhere one might get this sort of everyday life nudge.

Corey Harris @ Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival 2003
Image Source: Mossburg 79 Flickr

This morning, for the Mindful Mondays reminder, the mindful dedication and talent of an American blues and reggae musician, Corey Harris.  Harris, called an "acoustic legend," demonstrates incredible mindfulness in his guitar skills.  As you watch Harris play, see how present and entirely consumed he is with what he's doing.  It's incredible to watch.

Watch the song "You've Got to Move" performed by Corey Harris here:

In addition to his personal talent and presence therein, he, along with Sonic Junction, provides free guitar lessons via the Sonic Junction website and YouTubeI think providing information to help others be better/ stronger/ healthier/ wiser/ happier/ more confident/ more knowledgeable is essential to fulfilling your responsibility as a happy and productive member of society.  Giving back and helping others helps remind us of how interconnected we are to our world and its population.  These lessons, whether you specifically desire to learn to play blues guitar, do just that.

Watch the video of a lesson called "Catfish Blues" by Corey Harris here:

Today, work to dive into what you're doing and let go of everything else.  Allow yourself to get swept away with your present activity and enjoy the mindfulness of the day.

Have a happy and mindful Monday!  Thanks for reading!

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