Harvard Broccoli Salad

First things first.  The name, Harvard Broccoli Salad, is a result of my husband's insistence.  This is because the recipe is a modified version of a delicious side I had at the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies, in Washington, DC, during my stay last month.

At the Center for Hellenic Studies, the head chef, Sylvia Henderson, creates bright, fresh, and creative dishes for each meal.  Other than a few staple repeats, standards such as scrambled eggs and fruit for breakfast, every single meal contained an entirely new menu.  (Chef Henderson made the whole dining experience even easier and more enjoyable for me by accommodating my vegetarian and gluten-free diet throughout my stay, which demonstrates her talent with food even further.)

I have made this veggie side twice since coming home, because it is that delicious and that easy!  A little chopping and a little measuring, and voila!  This is an easy way to introduce or reintroduce vegetables into a lunch or dinner without it being too overwhelming.

What you need:
- a large bowl
- a sharp knife
-a cutting board
- a spoon or rubber spatula for stirring
- measuring cups and spoons

Ingredients (to make one large bowl, about 4-6 servings, depending on portions):
- 2 heads of broccoli, chopped to florets
- 1/2 c seedless grapes (red or green), halved
- 1/2 c dried cranberries or 1/2 c raisins or a combination
- 2 stalks of celery, chopped
- 1/4 c unsalted sunflower seeds
- 2 large T of mayonnaise or vegan mayo (or maybe even Greek yogurt)
- splash of white vinegar (can be omitted)
- drizzle of honey

Combine broccoli and grapes.

Add in celery, cranberries, raisins, mayo, and vinegar.

Add in sunflower seeds and honey.

Stir and combine.  Taste test to determine whether you want to add any extra ingredients.  


Because this is so good and pretty sweet, I like it as an end of meal treat, rather than a vegetable side.