Heart Health & Thigh Size?

According to the following two articles:

Thicker Thighs, Stronger Heart? Discovery News, 2009


Big Thighs May Be Wise Harvard Health Publications, 2012

there seems to be a correlation between large thigh size and a "lower risk of heart disease and premature death than those with thin thighs."  In the studies, thigh size remained a "strong independent predictor" even after researchers made adjustments for factors like smoking, cholesterol levels, alcohol intake, and blood pressure (Harvard, 2012).  Each study found that there is an "increased risk of heart disease associated with living a sedentary lifestyle" (Discovery, 2009).  Those with thin thighs, who also lead a sedentary lifestyle, were more likely to have heart disease and premature death than people with larger thighs (which can sometimes be determined as an indicator of a less sedentary life).

The second report also got into the correlation between body shape (apple vs. pear) and the likelihood of  increased health issues.  Harvard's article stated, "Many studies confirm that upper body fat (the "apple shape," or "beer belly") is much more dangerous than lower body fat (the "pear shape")" (2012).

Each article also states that activity level is an important factor in overall health.  "It's been known for a long time that muscle mass and strength are important determinants of longevity and health," [Associate Professor David Cameron-Smith, of Deakin University in Melbourne] said. "Even moving from no activity to some activity has a dramatic effect."   

If you've been inactive for a while, starting small can help you to feel good and make progress.  Like the professor said, anything is better than nothing and will give you results.  To make a change, you've got to start somewhere, at some time, so why not here and now?  Check out the Body & Mind tab for ideas to incorporate healthy, fun activity into your daily life.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll feel the benefit(s).

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