Wedding Song Thursday: Doris Troy

Last year, before what became our snow day wedding, we spent months searching for music for our wedding reception.  We didn't want to rely on what have become "traditional" American wedding reception songs only.  We wanted music we actually liked and music that was created to inspire and move people. We discovered a number of incredible artists to help us celebrate the day, and because we changed our plans, many of the songs on the list did not make it to our family-hosted bbq celebration.

Doris Troy, sometimes referred to as "Mama Soul," most actively performed in the 1960s and 1970s, though she performed on a smaller scale for years afterwards.  Discovered by James Brown, she maintained a solo career and sang backup for a variety of artists and bands, including: Dionne Warwick, the Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd.

"Just One Look," Doris Troy's most famous hit, rose to #10 on the Billboard Chart, in 1963.  This song is beautiful, romantic, and catchy.  With Making Mindfulness, I try not to include too much about love and romance, because mindfulness is more than that, but this song is too lovely not to share.

Enjoy and Happy Wedding Song Thursday!

Video Source: YouTube

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