Wait for It: Commit to Refrain from Texting & Driving

At one time or another, we've all awaited a phone call, text message, or exciting news of friends and family.  We've also all been in a situation where someone is so distracted with their phone that they are unable to converse/ visit/ do whatever they had previously been doing.  Phones have become the first thing we see when we awake in the morning and the last we see when we go to sleep.  Their many uses and ability to connect us to our world and the people we love have integrated them into the majority of our waking lives.  Unfortunately, some people overlook the perils of using cell phones while driving.  It's not, however, only young people who fall prey to their allure.  Adults and young adults across the country believe themselves capable of this distracted driving, without considering the possibility of the harm they could cause for themselves or others.

Image Source: itcanwait.com

Recently, my husband and I watched a documentary called From One Second To the Next.  Even though it is a documentary of only 34 minutes total, it is powerful look at the dangers and distraction of texting while driving.

Please read an excellent and eloquent description, from IMDb below:

With the rise of cell phones has come a deadly new menace on the roads, texting while driving. This film has a variety of vignettes featuring various perpetrators of this foolish carelessness and their surviving victims and relatives. As they tell their stories of the traumatic accidents they suffered along with the attending police officers' testimonies, the film explores how their lives are changed forever.

The film moves from story to story showing how texting and driving accidents have devastated the lives of people across the country, showing a variety of perpetrators and victims, leaving a wake of complications, heartache, and guilt for the survivors.

AT&T made the short film available on YouTube in August of 2013.  

Video Source: YouTube, made available from AT&T

If you have loved ones who you feel might benefit from a reminder of the dangers of texting (or Tweeting/ Facebooking/ Wikipedia-ing/ Words with Friends-ing) and driving, this would be an excellent start to that conversation.  Similarly, campaigns such as "It Can Wait" are another avenue to encourage a commitment to not text and drive--and, again, they are not simply promises of high schoolers--any person with a cell phone and driving privileges should take this commitment seriously.  When it comes to texting, you should wait until you arrive at your destination.

Please don't be careless with your life or the lives of others.  Be diligent and committed to safe and attentive driving, all the time.

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