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As I've mentioned previously, Danny now plays (and loves!) rugby.  He has loved the physicality of each practice and match, learning a new sport, and getting to know the variety of personalities that are also attracted to the game.  Last season, I attended his matches all but one weekend, and as a regular attender, I've had the opportunity to get to know some of Danny's teammates (and teammates' wives and girlfriends) as well.
our girlie, Olive
Last month, I became Facebook friends with a man from the rugby team.  I've found we share a common interest: dogs.  To encourage people to adopt dogs needing homes, this friend posts a "puppy of the day" on his page daily.  I've found myself looking forward to these posts, though I am (certainly) not in the market for any additional dogs. 
For this, he scours Craigslist and local animal shelters to find puppies and dogs in need of families.  He posts a link, a picture, and usually says something to the effect of, "someone needs to scoop this one up."
This week, one post said, "Puppy of the Day! I realized today I have not posted a little toy group dog yet. So, I hope someone sees this little princess and scoops her up. It is Teacup Chihuahua Tuesday!"  This made me laugh out loud.  This has become a fun and wonderful mini part of my day.
On top of the posts, this week, I got a quick note thanking me for my support of his puppy of the day initiative.  This was delightful.
I wanted to write about this today, not because everyone should specifically post about a puppy of the day, but because I think we all have a few things to learn and contemplate from this daily practice.
1. Do you do anything to make other people's days better?  (Or other creatures, for that matter...?)  It can be anything.  Do you make a daily effort to better someone else's life?  If the answer is no, get to it.
2. When someone does something you appreciate, do you let them know?  Either by "likes" or comments on Facebook, in-person smiles and thank yous, or written on actual paper, you know, everyday gestures...?  Again, if the answer is no, why not?  What can you do today to show people you care/ appreciate/ love them?
3. Do you take yourself too seriously?  Are you constantly criticizing others and how you would/ could do X better than they do?  Try to be open to fun and to brightening someone's day.
4. Are you making mindfulness happen in your own daily life?  Whether it is online or in "real life," being present is an important part of actually living your life.  Skills like allowing yourself to laugh at jokes, give thanks, reach out to others, and enjoy your time are essential to a balanced life and present mind.
And although this isn't specifically part of "puppy of the day," I thought it was super cute and worth including.  I suggest you watch it on mute as the music is a little weird, but enjoy!
Happy Saturday!
get ready--dogs in boots!
source: YouTube

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