Mixing & Mindfulness: Skratch Bastid


Today's post is a set of videos displaying the skills of a DJ and music producer called Skratch Bastid.  Born Paul Murphy, in Nova Scotia, Skratch Bastid is becoming increasingly recognized in the music community.  Whether you specifically enjoy the sounds of mixing and scratching records or not, I think you'll have to acknowledge the immense talent and corresponding mindfulness involved in his routines.  You can see both his focus as well as his joy throughout every routine he presents.

Sit back, smile, and listen.  Happy Friday!

This first video is the first routine I saw of his work--a remix of Pink Floyd and Parliament Funkadelic.  He calls it his "'Another Brick in the Wall/ Flashlight' routine."  If you like either or both of the songs, I think you'll be surprised and impressed at how well he brings them together.  Take a listen.

Source: YouTube
Uploaded on Nov 5, 2010
Skratch Bastid's 'Another Brick in the Wall/Flashlight' routine using 2 turntables and 3 pieces of vinyl - double copies of Parliament's "Flashlight" 12" and Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" 7".

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The next one was posted for Valentine's Day this year.  It's a remix of The Doobie Brothers' "Long Train Running," called "Long Train Runnin."  This one is pretty cool as well.  Check it out.

Source: YouTube
Published on Feb 13, 2014
Download Link: http://bit.ly/1dPzaht
Filmed at Beat Drop music production and DJ school in Calgary, AB, Canada - www.beatdrop.ca
Shot & edited by Jeremy Pollock for Dreadnaught Digital - www.dreadnaughtdigital.com

If you're interested in learning more about him or seeing his other stuff, click here to read Skratch Bastid's blog.  Or click below the photo for his bio.

Image Source: http://www.skratchbastid.com/bio/