Just Sit

By now, you likely know that I love words.  I love their beauty, their power, and their charm.  I've found that quotes are a great way to demonstrate an idea to others quickly and succinctly.  Almost like a picture, good, quotable quotes get right to the point, usually in a pretty eloquent way.

Today's post is a set of interrelated quotes (interrelated in that they are both about the same thing, not by the same person or necessarily from the same context); these pertain, somewhat more directly than other quotes we've examined, to making mindfulness a priority.

The first of the two upset me when I first heard it.  I didn't really understand what else it could mean.  It took me a while to get used to the idea.

"Sometimes I just sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits."

This quote has been attributed to A.A. Milne and Satchel Paige, but I found that it was also printed in several newspapers in March of 1905.  Whether it was an original quotation from an individual or a common saying, the statement itself it worth noting.  How often do you take time to simply be?  Simply sit?  This is a struggle for me--not something I do often, if ever, but something I am opening my mind to slowly.

The second quotation, quite similar, is also attributed to multiple authors and likely came out of a colloquial saying.  Both Sylvia Boorstein and Wallace Chapman have written books by this title.

"Don't just do something, sit there."

The purpose of today's post, although many previous posts have been in a similar vein, is to remind you to slow down.  I know it's hard to take time for you each day--take time for your mind, body, and spirit--but you're worth it.

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