Let There Be Spring!

It has arrived--SPRING!--at least, you know, on paper.  March 20 marked the official arrival of spring (more officially, it occurred at 12:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time).  Spring is marked by the sun passing over the celestial equator for the vernal or spring equinox. 

Image taken in Glen Allen, VA on 4.1.2014

This is all very good--we know it means changes are on the way.  Sometimes people's choice of clothing color (pastels?) or store's d├ęcor changes with this transition, perhaps an addition of sunglasses or lack of boots into the mix, but unless the temperature outside has risen significantly, it is hard to get excited.  When cold temperatures, or heaven forbid snow and ice, remain, the prospect that spring will actually arrive can feel bleak. 

But, oh ye of little faith, when has Punxsutawney Phil ever steered us wrong?  Just as predicted, six weeks of winter have come and gone and we (seem to be?) are on our way into a beautiful new season.  Richmond has boasted temperatures of mid-70s this week with sun, though some places, such as my hometown, have remained in the 40s so far...

Today, whether spring has truly knocked at your door or Phil was a month off in his prediction as it pertains to your home, I thought we might need a reminder that spring is on its way.  With its arrival we anticipate flower blooms, morning chatter of birds, warm wind, and the smells of spring. 

Image taken in Glen Allen, VA on 4.1.2014

Today work to look for any reminders you have surrounding you of the changing season and be thankful.  Be thankful for the winter you've had (whether easy or hard), for your health, your life, and your anticipation of a beautiful, new time. 

Perhaps this spring will renew your spirit and energize your mind. 

Perhaps this is the time to not only contemplate, but actually complete that big spring cleaning,
to not only consider, but begin a workout regimen,
to not only reflect on, but actually change your attitude.