March Mindfulness: Snack Smart(ly)--Taste Test Gelato

This post was partly inspired by an image I saw last week on a website called Caveman Circus:

Image Source: Caveman Circus

Although the above cereal isn't gluten-free, it was another reminder about the foods with which we choose to fuel ourselves.  This is an extreme example, at least for me, because I would not eat an apple and a grapefruit for breakfast, but you get the point.

Tomorrow is our one year wedding anniversary.  With this in mind, we've been doing small celebratory things all week.  In one such celebration, we began a new home improvement task, spending quality time together while getting painting and building accomplished.  Another special treat this week has been a new ice cream substitute--talenti gelato.  (I know, we're wild outta control, huh?)

Danny was an ice cream addict for most of his life, so when he took the time last year (when we questioned all of our eating habits) to reflect on all of the ingredients in regular ice cream, he decided to discontinue his nightly habit.  Pretty quickly after quitting ice cream, along with dairy altogether, he noticed how much better he felt overall.  I like sweets occasionally, but don't really have a sweet tooth; therefore, eliminating ice cream from the shopping list and freezer was not difficult for me.

Remembering the multi-ingredient, chemical-laden cereal vs. organic fruit image, in my shopping Friday, I looked for something sweet and potentially delicious, with only a few ingredients.  I came across the following small gelato tubs.  I thought, considering the limited number of ingredients, they might be a perfect and delicious treat. 

For one take on this issue, click here to read an article about "regular" ice cream.  And here is the Talenti Gelato website.

The coconut gelato ingredients are as follows:
milk, sugar, cream, coconut, dextrose, carob gum, and vanilla

I'm not claiming that gelato is the answer to all of your give up ice cream, switch to gelato, be healthy-type prayers, it isn't.  But we enjoyed it as a rare treat.  (And obviously the super cute tubs and font don't hurt...)  Gelato actually means "ice cream" in Italian--derived from the Latin word gelatus, meaning "frozen."  It is not perfect.  It is not an everyday enjoyment.  It will not make you thinner/ happier/ more fun.  But, as with everything else, if you take time to reflect on what and why you're eating what you're eating, you'll feel better and be more mindful of your well-being in the process.

Side note: We tried both the coconut and pistachio flavors.  Danny preferred the coconut and I liked to mix the two together.  Happy eating!

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