Positive Relationships: I Am My Mother's Daughter

I am my mother's daughter.

I have my mom's great eye-squinching smile.

I, like my mom, wash my kitchen floor twice a year, whether it needs it or not.

I have her beautiful handwriting and a similar voice.

I inherited her ability to make, keep, transfer, and build piles of just about anything.

I was lucky enough to be born with her laugh.

If I'm interested in being social on a given day, I am great one-on-one and good in group settings.

I love books--how they feel, how they look, and what they provide.

As I mentioned in Everyday Gestures, I have an affinity for avoiding the post office and not mailing things on time, thanks mom!

I share many of my mother's kind, thoughtful words with others and use much of her wisdom in my own life.

I love many of the characters that she loves (and similarly speak about them often by their first names): Edward (Cullen), Harry (Potter), James (Bond), Randel (McMurphy), Indiana "Indy" (Jones)...

I even use her phraseology--which, come to think of it, may be my gram's...

My mom has demonstrated and passed down her strength, which my brother and I have tested and fortified year after year.

I AM my mother's daughter.

I am proud of this fact; I am lucky and thankful; my mother is not only worthy of my admiration and love, she is someone I respect, laugh with, bounce plans off of, and share my thoughts, hopes, and ideas. 

If you are lucky enough to have people in your life who love, respect, value, and care for you, I'd consider you a lucky person as well.  Whether it be your mother or father, best friend, (favorite?) cousin, spouse, or child, surrounding yourself with people who lift you up, make you a better person, encourage you, understand you, and treat you with honesty and respect is the foundation of a positive and healthy life.

Today's Challenge: Take time to be thankful for the love and support of the positive relationships present in your life and be mindful of the characteristics that constitute a positive relationship.

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