You Deserve Some Re Time

You do.  You have worked hard all week.  You've been attentive, understanding, interested--you deserve a little time to yourself, some re time to relax.  Relaxation is an integral part of making mindfulness happen in your daily life.  Calming your mind and being present will help you reduce stress.

What constitutes relaxation is different for all of us.  For me, relaxation can be a number of things.  Sometimes, it is a pair of fuzzy socks and a great book; sometimes, it's as simple as a few minutes to myself with a hot cup of tea; sometimes, it is a full-fledged stereotypical scented bath with candles (and no dog interruptions). 

Whatever relaxation is for you, it's essential to your mindfulness practice.   Sometimes, however, people have a hard time relaxing or even identifying that they don't often relax.  If you try the suggestions in the breathing exercise post, you might find that's a good place to start.  Otherwise, listed below are some positive ways to relax.

Relaxation suggestions:
- exercise is a proven stress-reducer
        - take a walk (with someone or solo, dog or no dog)
        - take a bike ride
        - try a new sport
        - try a hike
        - try a yoga class
        - stand and take note of your body--notice how stress wears on your body and what it affects   
        this is something we do in yoga
- work on your favorite hobby
- put on your favorite music, maybe even dance(?)
- be grateful--write or say what makes you feel thankful
- lie down (no nap necessary)

This list is a starting point, but today, all this is to remind you of how important you are.  You are a necessary and important part of your mindfulness, your happiness, your contentment, your fitness, your relationships, and your body image, among other (wonderful) things. 

If you can't right at this moment, make an effort in the next 24 hours to take some re time to relax and recharge.  Happy Friday!