Why "Making Mindfulness"?

My husband, Danny, and I had been contemplating starting a blog for a long while before we actually did.  Two thousand thirteen was the most eventful of my life--certainly the most ripe with positive changes--and I feel the information is worth sharing.  People have told us how influential and inspirational some of our decisions have been for them, so it seemed like a good, but BIG, idea.

One morning, while taking the ornaments off of the Christmas tree--yes, on January 20; don't judge!-- I received a text message from one of my fabulous cousins.  It read, "So you're going to think I'm crazy, but that's ok.  I think you need to start a blog... Just sayin'."  It was perfect!  Although Danny and I had been discussing topics of interest, topics on which people might need more information, and topics we could stand to consistently write about, we had not discussed the prospect with anyone else, so it seemed like a sign.

So, why "Making Mindfulness"?  Mindfulness is defined by the founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Kabat-Zinn, as: "paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally, to the unfolding of experience moment to moment."  This means to actually be present in the moments of our lives.  To be aware of our surroundings, instead of simply "making it through" our day-to-day.  Unfortunately, sometimes life can feel like something we are watching from the outside, as if we're on auto-pilot.  Have you ever driven your car home and not really remembered how you got there?  At times, I've laughed with girlfriends that my car just "knew" how to get home, but upon further examination, the notion is pretty scary.  We can have whole minutes, whole hours, whole days, whole years in this state.  We can also choose to make mindfulness happen in our everyday lives. That's what I would like to encourage through this blog.

Among all of the 2013's other changes was my introduction and beginning of a yoga teacher training program.  I've been more aware of my body and my mind since dedicating so much of my time to practicing and learning about the history, philosophy, and practice of yoga.  In addition, I've left my profession--teaching high school English--to return to university.  My husband and I have significantly changed our diets, resulting in better, healthier attitudes and bodies.  These changes have helped bring our minds into focus and propel our progress.

My intention is for you to feel better after spending time here than you did before you came.  I hope to share "good" ideas, promote positive thinking, and encourage people to become mindful of their thoughts, feelings, actions, and interactions.  Thank you for visiting!